When acting as a lawyer for an employee our employment lawyers understand each case is unique and work with our clients to find authentic and lasting solutions to workplace issues.

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  • Raising personal grievance claims
  • Legal representation at disciplinary meetings and throughout disciplinary and performance management processes
  • Representation at mediation, the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court and other courts
  • Negotiated exits - exit packages
  • Restraints of trade
  • Reviewing employment agreements and contracts
  • Remuneration, holidays and leave matters
  • Parental leave entitlements
  • Resolving workplace bullying and harassment
  • Human rights matters, including discrimination, harassment and disability issues
  • 90 day trial periods
  • Obligations to professional bodies including the Teaching Council and the Nursing Council
  • All employment law issues arising between employers and employees

You can rely on us for friendly and pragmatic legal advice.

We will support you and aim to resolve matters early.  In the event matters go further, you can rely on our experience to represent you in a number of forums including mediation, the Employment Relations Authority, and the Employment Court.

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