Workplace Bullying Series – Part 2: Prevention is better than cure


Many articles regarding bullying focus on what to do when it happens.  Of course we will cover that as part of our Workplace Bullying Series, but as they always say … prevention is better than cure … so this article looks at what prevention measures employers can put in place.

For organisations to provide a psychologically (as well as physically) safe working environment, they must:

Anti-bullying policies

Setting clear behavioural expectations for all and providing pathways to address inappropriate behaviour demonstrates that all members of an organisation play a role in the prevention of workplace bullying.

Employers can demonstrate their commitment to preventing bullying by creating and implementing policies which:

Employers should establish clear policies, but also ensure that they are adhered to and breaches of those policies are taken seriously.  A Code of Conduct or Bullying and Harassment Policy will be ineffective in preventing bullying if they are never relied on and applied.

As part of your induction introduce all employees to the policies and make sure those policies are visible and reviewed regularly.


Other ways to prevent workplace bullying

Organisations should consider:

The team at Black Door Law Limited are able to assist employers with creating or updating an organisation’s code of conduct and anti bullying and harassment policies.

Disclaimer:  This information is intended as general legal information and does not constitute legal advice.  If you have a specific issue and wish to discuss it, contact the Black Door Law team.


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