Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day


The Government has announced that Monday 26 September 2022 will be a one-off public holiday commemorating Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  A state memorial will also be held on this date.

While we are still waiting on the legislation, in this article, we briefly summarise what you need to know based on the information available to date.

How is this holiday different and what does that mean for employers and employees?

First, it is a one-off holiday, meaning it will only occur in 2022.

Secondly, there will be no restrictions on trade (as there is with Easter, Christmas and ANZAC day).

As with other public holidays employees will be entitled to:

Effects on business

BusinessNZ did not support a public holiday to honour the late Queen Elizabeth II citing the costs and burdens on businesses which had already suffered losses from the pandemic.

Treasury estimate an extra public holiday costs $450 million.

While Treasury analysis further finds that a public holiday can bring up to $27 million in economic benefit.

What about the South Canterbury Anniversary Day?

Ardern said she was aware of the clash, and it had been acknowledged.

“This has occurred before; I believe in 2011. So, the legislation dictates that only one public holiday occurs at that time. We have asked MBIE to reach out to the local leadership in South Canterbury because they do have the ability should they choose to move or celebrate their day on another day.

It is not the first time two public holidays have occurred on the same day.  In the event there are two public holidays on the same day, the employee is only entitled to the benefits of one public holiday.


Though we appreciate that the role of the Monarchy in New Zealand is one with many views, we wish to acknowledge New Zealand’s longest reigning monarch and Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.  Her Majesty was a constant in an ever-changing world and she pledged her life to the people of her realms, she lived out that pledge with dignity and grace until her final days.

Disclaimer:  This information is intended as general legal information and does not constitute legal advice.  If you have a specific issue and wish to discuss it get in contact with the Black Door Law team.