Managing romantic relationships in the workplace – A guide for employers


Romantic relationships in the workplace also known as office romances or workplace romances are common and many successful couples met at work.  However, office romances can often pose unique challenges and potential risks to organisations and its people.  Accordingly, it is crucial for employers to take active steps to navigate through the challenges and risks of workplace romances effectively.  This article sets out some of the steps employers can take to manage romantic relationships in the workplace effectively.

Steps employers can take to effectively manage relationships in the workplace

To effectively manage relationships in the workplace, employers should consider:

Developing a policy around relationships in the workplace

Providing Training and Education

Addressing any potential Conflicts of Interest

Addressing Complaints and Concerns Promptly

What happens if the relationship ends

By implementing the guidelines above, employers can effectively navigate romantic relationships in the workplace while minimising potential risks and maintaining a positive work environment for all employees. If you need assistance with preparing policies, navigating an issue that has arisen due to an office romance or any other employment law matters, please contact the team at Black Door Law.

Disclaimer:  This information is intended as general legal information and does not constitute legal advice. If you have a specific issue and wish to discuss it, get in touch with the Black Door Law team by email or calling (04) 280 3980.